Special thanks go to ...

Norbert Mikolai

... Norbert Mikolai

who always gets involved, not only in his music projects for school classes.

Stefan Hypius

... Stefan Hypius

head of music school and co-author of the guitar course book – "Die bunte Gitarrenschule".

Tina Birgitta Lauffer

... Tina Birgitta Lauffer

children's book writer and co-author of – "Die bunte Gitarrenschule".

Bernhard Ast

... Bernhard Ast

for his great illustrations. To me he is the best comic artist.

Sebastian Mikolai

... my son Sebastian

who studied music and sound recording (tonmeister) at the University of the Arts Berlin and recorded the music for the guitar course book "Die bunte Gitarrenschule".

Uwe Habich

... Jörg-Uwe Habich

who never runs out of great ideas.



... René

for his tips on website design.


... Stefan

for creating the game "pitch match" and the "bpm analyzer".


... Micha

for lots of inspiring conversations about the Guitar Colour System.